This service is for those who own/manage an apartment complex or condominium complex.
This service can also be arranged for business owners or gym owners.

Not everyone is an athlete, but your residents may need some of the following: relaxation, stress relief, maintenance massage, pain relief, etc. Sideline Sports Massage is here for you and your residents to cater to their needs.

After a long day at work, to the beginning of a relaxing weekend, why not pamper yourself? Not only do we pamper your residents; our sole purpose is to educate our clients about the benefits of massage. Massage is a vital part of maintaining your body, and paired with Yoga Instruction, your health can be maintained more easily.


-Relaxing athletic practice

-Increases flexibility

-Increases breathing control

-Increases balance

-Increases homeostasis within your body


-Increases blood and lymph circulation

-Increase in production and circulation of synovial fluid

-Decrease of pain in muscles

-Lengthens chronically shortened muscles

-Corrects posture distortions

We go the extra mile..

Literally. For the convenience of you and your residents, we come to you! In a space provided by you, we can provide an added amenity to your residents, with no extra cost to you. Your residents will book their appointments prior to our arrival, and will pay for their services on the day of their appointment. We can come as many times as you like a month, because we create a package that fits the needs of your residents!

If you are interested in receiving this service, please contact our owners:
Lauren Rey & Chad Baker: [email protected]