Which Service is Right for me?

Swedish Massage

-Swedish Massage is for individuals looking for a relaxing experience. Swedish Massage is all about relaxing your parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest), using long gliding strokes. This massage does not have very deep pressure, but you can always discuss with your therapist. When you receive this type of massage, you are going to feel a relief of stress, and you will be able let all the worries of normal life fade away.

Sports (Pre-event/Post-event) Massage

-Sports Massage is intended for athletes only. When you receive Sports Massage it is because you exercise daily, play a sport, compete in a sport, or body build. Pre-event Massage gets an athlete "pumped" and energized before a game. With vigorous pumping and compressing of the muscles by the therapist, this allows vasodilation in the blood vessels allowing blood to flow fast and freely. The session could also include stretching. Before any important event an athlete needs their body to be as alert as they are. Post-event Massage is like a cool-down after a work out. This calming session of cold application and long gliding strokes will allow your muscles to heal more quickly and leave you feeling less sore the next day.

Deep Tissue Massage

-Deep Tissue Massage is for those who have chronically shortened muscles which cause postural distortions and need deep pressure to lengthen those muscles. If you do not work out or exercise on a regular basis, deep tissue can have painful results. Due to such deep pressure, bruising may occur. Deep Tissue Massage mimics muscle contraction and if your muscles are not used to vigorous activity, this may cause a lot of pain and excess bruising. Even though Deep Tissue Massage may be painful or uncomfortable, it may: relieve every-day pain and aching, lengthen those chronically shortened muscles enough to improve postural distortion, and improve range of motion.

Swedish w/ Lymphatic Drainage

-Athletes get injured frequently and may experience swelling and pain. Swedish Massage with Lymphatic Drainage will increase blood flow and allow lymph to flow freely to lessen edema. Injuries that are recent need time to be hot, inflamed, and swollen as a part of the healing process; and should not be massaged. However, injuries with prolonged swelling and discomfort may benefit from this technique.

Swedish w/ Reflexology

-Reflexology is a holistic massage technique that applies pressure to the hands and feet using specific zoning, with the intent that it reflects certain parts of the body (reflex points). Using this technique, the intent is to equalize the energy throughout the body, and is an added perk to a regular Swedish Massage.

Swedish w/ Shiatsu

-Shiatsu is another holistic massage that comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine practices. Shiatsu uses acupressure techniques without the use of needles, but by still using the premise of applying pressure along the 12 body meridians. This is yet another added perk to a regular Swedish Massage.


If after reading this information you are still unsure of which massage is right for you, when you arrive for your massage, your therapist can always suggest a massage that will fit your needs.